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The Dunsford Funeral Home & Crematory Staff

Steve & Dawn Shelley, & Stephen Shelley

At Dunsford Funeral Home & Crematory, it is our desire to give personal and professional service to the Augusta community as well as the surrounding areas. We strive to offer "Sincerity with Kindness, Integrity, and Understanding" to those who we are honored to serve.

At Dunsford's we also have a commitment to affordable funeral services to allow other resources to be made available after your funeral needs have been met.

We understand that pre-planning years ahead or making final arrangements at the time of need is a difficult process. At Dunsford's we want to help meet the needs of every family by making sure you are receiving quality service for you or your loved one's final arrangements. Individuals are often unaware that pre-planned funeral arrangements are transferable, whether the decision is made ahead of time or at the time of death. Our staff is available to assist you in transferring your final arrangements from another funeral home to help ensure your services are met with compassionate care.

We encourage each individual to review and evaluate their personal needs whether that includes preparing for medical care, retirement, estate planning, or final expenses. It is our desire to help you make wise decisions for those final arrangements without leaving a financial burden to your family.

Dunsford Funeral Home & Crematory offers a variety of services to help meet your needs with a full funeral service, graveside service, or cremation: We offer traditional funeral services to honor personal wishes or celebrate the life of your loved one, whether at the funeral home or the church of your choice.

Our funeral home is the only local funeral home with a matching hearse and limousine, enabling us to transport your loved one and your family or casket bearers.

We supply cookies, tea, and coffee to encourage fellowship at visitations with friends and family in a relaxed home-like environment.

A graveside funeral service is an option in lieu of a full funeral service. Our funeral home ensures the desired equipment for the service is furnished at the cemetery, including tent, chairs, and vault. These graveside options are available to choose as you remember the life of your loved one.  

Dunsford Funeral Home & Crematory utilizes an on-site preparation room and has access to a private cremation facility. We are the only funeral home in Butler County with the ability to offer cremation services without contracting to an out-of-house crematory. Other funeral homes employ distant crematories, many with facilities that service multiple funeral homes. Steve and Dawn Shelley will personally oversee the cremation process without transferring your loved one beyond the care of our trusted staff. Our owners’ ability to control all aspects of the entire cremation process delivers peace of mind to families who choose cremation for their loved one, thus certifying loving and careful attention to every detail.

The staff at Dunsford Funeral Home & Crematory is more than willing to accommodate families with either an in-home consultation or a meeting in our offices to make final arrangements.

We hope that this website will be useful and an important tool to help in the planning of a funeral or memorial service for you and your family.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our service options, please feel free to email, call, or come in for additional information.

In God We Trust

NFDA Kansas Funeral Directors Association